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ARCueSports, sanctioned by American Cue Sports Alliance, is a new pool league in Central Arkansas, dedicated to pool players. With its Nationals in Las Vegas in mid-May at the Tropicana, everyone qualifies if they have played eight matches within the year. Yearly dues are $10.
National events cover everything from Scotch Doubles 8-ball, Team for both 8 and 9 ball and both men and women. Singles for both men and women with two senior divisions. Lots of pool for everyone to play. There will also be mini’s going on.
The scoring system is based on a 10-point win per round. You get 10 points for the win and what your score is if you lose is how many balls you have pocketed. If you have 3 balls left on the table, you received 4 points. Your handicap is based on a simple system(BAP). Divide the number of balls you have made by the amount of games you have played. The whole system is very easy to understand.
All you need to start is have 6 teams and 30 shooters. It can be a travel league or an In-house league. 8 ball or 9 ball, men, women or both.
If you are interested please contact email through the website, I will get back to you right away.